Welcome to A Seasonal Year: Intuitive Work for Wildhearted Creatives, a transformative course from Folk + Field, beginning this autumn (2019).

In a society in which profit and progress are valued above all else, and our connection with the natural world has largely been lost, it can be easy to feel pressured to function at our highest level of productivity all year round. But the reality is that we’re strongly connected to our environment, and deeply affected by the way it changes throughout the year. Our capacity for growth is in constant flux; our motivation and inspiration defined by the ever-shifting seasons.

On this intuitive journey you can expect to deepen your knowledge of yourself, your values, and your purpose. We’ll spend four seasons exploring key aspects and potential challenges of running a small business, using tools and techniques drawn from our own experiences to help you flourish in your work without compromising on your life.

As creatives with a passion for slow living and the great outdoors, we have found our own unique ways to bring nature back into the heart of our businesses and rewild our approach to work. Now we want to help you do the same, with our new collaborative project, A Seasonal Year. It’s the course we wish we could have taken when we set out on our own paths to slow and seasonal living: rooted in nature and community, and crafted to support a way of doing business that will leave you feeling nurtured rather than drained.

Ready to start your journey? Find out more below.


The course will be split into 8 modules, released every 6 weeks in alignment with the Celtic Wheel of the Year. Each module will have its own unique theme, inspired by - and reflective of - its place within the year. These themes will be introduced at the start of each module alongside:

  • a written essay (and accompanying audio version)

  • a recorded podcast conversation between Eleanor and Maddy

  • an accompanying workbook to help you explore the theme in relation to 3 different aspects of business, plus advice and frameworks for planning for the 6 weeks ahead

    • (There will be an exception to this pattern during Module 7, when you will instead be invited to embark on a creative summer project.)

  • an interview and/or resource from a selected relevant expert.


Course Content


Module 1: Reflect (October - December)

Slow Work
Reflecting on 2019

Module 2: Renew (December - February)

Dreaming & Creativity
Rituals & Rhythms
Bringing Ideas to Life


Module 3: Emerge (February - March)

Creating Space
Community & Connection

Module 4: Grow (March - May)

Multipotentialism & Balance
Bringing the Outside In



Module 5: Flourish (May - June)

The Power & Impact of Light
Overcoming Perfectionism
Courage, Confidence & Comparison

Module 6: Nurture (June - August)

Reconnecting with your Goals & Values
Cheerleading & Support
Guilt, Flexibility & the Myth of Work-Life Balance


Module 7: Gather (August - September)

Summer Project

Module 8 - Celebrate (September - October)

Acknowledging Success
Letting Go
Moving Forward & Farewells


This course is for you if…

You’re a creative business owner or freelancer looking to explore a new way of thinking about work.
You’re seeking to (re)connect with nature in your work and life.
You want to learn how structure your working year in alignment with the changing seasons.
You’re keen to move away from the traditional view of business as stressful and fast-paced towards a gentler, more inspiring, and more intuitive approach.
You’re interested in improving your mindset and wellbeing when it comes to work.
You want to connect with a community of likeminded fellow creatives - online, in person, or both.

This course is not for you if…

You’re traditionally employed or not looking to change the way you work.
You’re more at home behind a desk than in a forest or field.
You think nature and business don’t mix.
Hustle is your happy place.
You’re looking for guidance in specific technical areas - eg: sales, marketing or finance.
(A Seasonal Year is not a typical ‘business’ course in that sense, but focuses instead on taking a holistic approach to planning, mindset and wellbeing in relation to work.)

*In certain circumstances the course may still be right for you if you’re employed rather than self-employed.
Please email contact@aseasonalyear.com if you’d like to discuss this further.

Registration options…

There are two ways to experience A Seasonal Year:

  1. Online course material

  2. Printed course material + in person events, private community and seasonal boxes

(see below for more detail)


Option 1


  • An introductory essay and recorded podcast conversation for each module.

  • A PDF workbook for each module, containing prompts and exercises relating to 3 different but related areas of business.

  • An interview and/or resource from a specially-selected creative business owner to compliment each module.

  • Suggestions for optional further research and inspiration.

  • A private Facebook group where Eleanor and Maddy will both be available to answer your questions, and you will be able to connect with other students on the course.

  • Online support throughout the year during dedicated hours.

Option 1 is for you if…

You’re most interested in the course content itself and are happy to receive it in digital format only.
You don’t feel you need additional community support, you’re not able to commit to attending in-person event, or you don’t live in the UK.
You’d like the flexibility to work through the course at your own pace.
You’re happy to pop in and out of a Facebook group but would prefer not to take part in additional, more structured, online discussions.
You don’t need any in-person guidance from Eleanor or Maddy.


Enrolment for option 1 is now closed.

Please sign up to the mailing list (click here) to be the first to hear when the course begins again in 2020.



Option 2

There are limited spaces available for this option.

In addition to everything included with option 1, this option also includes in person events and a range of other benefits.

The focus is very much on experiencing this transformative journey alongside a close-knit group of people that will help to guide you along the way.


  • A beautifully-designed printed version of each of the 8 module workbooks.


  • A welcome day retreat including a group coaching session with Maddy, homemade seasonal lunch, and the chance to meet and connect with other students on the course. Exclusive to those students signing up for the whole year.

    • Location: Banbury (walking distance from the train station)

    • Date: Saturday 26th October (2019)

  • 4 seasonal day retreats over the course of the year. These will include small group sessions to focus on any issues you are currently experiencing in your business, plus a group workshop, homemade seasonal lunch, and the chance to chat and share ideas with other students on the course.

    • Location: Banbury (walking distance from the train station)

    • Winter date: Saturday 4th January (2020)

    • Spring date: Saturday 21st March (2020)

    • Summer date: Saturday 20th June (2020)

    • Autumn date: Saturday 19th September (2020)

  • A closing day retreat to consider steps for moving forward now the course has finished. Exclusive to those students signing up for the whole year.

    • Location: Central England (TBC) - easy access to a train station

    • Date: Saturday 31st October (2020)

N.B. All in person elements (apart from the closing day retreat) will be completed with a maximum group size of 8 to ensure we are able to give you our full attention and make the days as personal as possible.



  • A private online community (in addition to the Facebook group available with Option 1) where we will host weekly Q&As and monthly topical chats, and where you will be able to message the other members of your group.

  • 4 seasonal boxes featuring a selection of carefully-curated products and resources chosen to enhance your journey through the year.

  • Free membership to the Creative Countryside community (either annual or seasonal, depending on your commitment to the course).

Option 2 is for you if…

You’re seeking an opportunity to connect with fellow creatives in person and become part of a small, likeminded community.
You’re excited by the idea of attending in-person day retreats across the year, and are able to commit to the advertised dates.
You need the support and structure of a group to keep you motivated and inspired.
You feel that having the day retreats in your diary would encourage you to maintain momentum and work through the course at the same pace as your classmates.
You want to receive printed versions of the course workbooks (in addition to the digital materials), as well as a curated collection of products and resources each season.
You’d enjoy taking part in more structured and intimate online discussions outside of Facebook, with members of your group as well as Eleanor and Maddy.
You’d like opportunities for in-person guidance from Eleanor and Maddy.


Enrolment for option 2 is now closed.

Please sign up to the mailing list (click here) to be the first to hear when the course begins again in 2020.


When does the course start and finish?
Course material will be sent out at the end of September (2019) and will close by the end of October the following year (2020).

As a minimum, how much time can I expect to spend on the course?
Each module is released every 6 weeks, and within the modules there are 3 key focus areas. These lend themselves to be completed each fortnight, but could be completed at any time during the module. You can choose to spend from as little as 30 minutes on each of the focus areas, but as with everything, the more you put in, the more you will get out.

Do I need to be running a specific type of business to join the course?
Not at all! Though the content will be geared to those working in the creative industries, it can be applied to any business. If you’re not sure whether your business will be the right fit, get in touch with us - contact@aseasonalyear.com

Do I have to have a Facebook account?
Joining the Facebook group is entirely optional and any course material posted there will also be sent out by email. However, we believe that being part of the A Seasonal Year community will significantly enhance your experience, and suggest setting up a temporary account just for the course if you’re happy to do so. (This advice is especially directed at Option 1 students, as Facebook will be the only community forum for this group.)

What are the benefits of the course for me and my business?
We won’t teach you how to make more money or get more followers, because this course isn’t about sales or marketing. It’s about embracing a new and intuitive way of working that’s directly influenced by the shifting energy of the seasons, and tapping into your own unique values to create an approach that works for you. We’ll explore themes of purpose, connection, balance, confidence, routine, and so much more. Inspired by the principles of slow living, we’ll also help you to consider how your work relates to your home life and wellbeing. If you’re seeking more clarity, creativity, community and contentment, A Seasonal Year is for you.

Is the course based on any specific beliefs?
No; this is a course rooted in the natural world, though our approach is inspired by various ancient customs and traditions, such as the Celtic Wheel of the Year.

Is the course only for women?
No! All are welcome.

What is your refund policy?
If you find the course is not for you, let us know by October 21st (2019), after which time there will be no refunds.

I have another question…
No problem! Just email us at contact@aseasonalyear.com and we’ll be in touch.

Who are Folk + Field?


Hello, I’m Maddy!

I’m the co-founder of Folk + Field, and a coach and writer over at A Slow Adventure, which I’ve been running since 2017. I believe that adventures come in many forms, whether at home or in the wild, and that it’s often the simplest of things that make us truly happy.


Hi, I’m Eleanor!

I’m the other half of Folk + Field, and a writer, editor and designer at Creative Countryside, which I founded in 2014. My passions are bringing together likeminded folk inspired by the seasons, and creating nature-led publications.


Together we run Folk + Field, a nature-inspired community for wildhearted folk.