Everything you Need to Know About A Seasonal Year

Today, 31st July, is your final chance to enrol on A Seasonal Year if you'd like to complement your learning with our accompanying series of in-person day retreats. And what's more, there are only 3 places remaining for this option.

We're so proud of this course and so passionate about helping brilliant creatives like you to bring your work into alignment with the ebb and flow of the seasons, and we can't wait to get started on this transformative journey with the wonderful students who've already registered.

If you already know you'd like to join us, simply click here to visit our website and sign up. Or to find out more, keep reading because we've put together a bumper blog post to tell you absolutely everything you could ever wish to know!

What is A Seasonal Year?

A Seasonal Year is a 12-month course designed to help creatives, small business owners and freelancers reconnect with the rhythms of the natural world and explore a new way of thinking about work. It will help you to structure your working year in alignment with the flow of the changing seasons, and move away from the traditional view of business as stressful and fast-paced towards a gentler, more inspiring, and more intuitive approach. If you’re interested in improving your mindset and wellbeing when it comes to work, and connecting with a community of likeminded entrepreneurs along the way, then this is the experience for you.

The course begins in October and will have 8 modules, delivered digitally and released every 6 weeks in alignment with the Celtic Wheel of the Year. Each module will focus on a different work-related theme, inspired by the character and energy of its place within the year. In winter we’ll seek to reflect and renew, in spring we’ll follow the call to emerge and grow, in summer we’ll explore what it means to flourish and nurture, and in autumn we’ll gather and celebrate. (For a more detailed breakdown of the course content, please see the module information below.)

The materials included with each module will be:

  • A written essay, and accompanying audio version

  • A recorded podcast conversation between Maddy and Eleanor

  • An accompanying workbook to help you explore the module theme in relation to 3 different aspects of business, and plan for the season ahead

  • And an interview or resource from a specially-selected expert

“In just a few days Eleanor and Maddy created a supportive, nourishing community of like-minded people… you could almost feel the collective 'relaxing' as the week went on.”


Module Information

WINTER: October - February

Module 1 | Reflect
Introduction, Slow Work, Reflecting on 2019

Module 2 | Renew
Dreaming & Creativity, Rituals & Rhythms, Bringing Ideas to Life

SPRING: February - May

Module 3 | Emerge
Creating Space, Community & Connection, Storytelling

Module 4 | Grow
Multipotentialism & Balance, Bringing the Outside In, Balance

SUMMER: May - August

Module 5 | Flourish
The Power of Light, Overcoming Perfectionism, Courage & Comparison

Module 6 | Nurture
Reconnecting with your Values, Cheerleading, Guilt & the Myth of Work-Life Balance

AUTUMN: August - October

Module 7 | Gather
Creative Project

Module 8 | Celebrate
Acknowledging Success, Letting Go, Moving Forward & Farewells

Enrolment Options

There are two ways to experience A Seasonal Year:

Option 1: Digital course materials only, or
Option 2: Printed course materials plus a series of in-person day retreats.

Enrolment for Option 2 is limited to 8 participants (3 remaining) to maintain an intimate learning environment and allow plenty of time for tailored personal feedback. Our hope is that this small group will form a closely-bonded community in which all students will support, learn from, and grow with each other throughout the year.

What's included with Option 2?

A year-long course delivered over 8 modules in written & audio form as described above, plus:

  • 6 day retreats at Maddy's home, including a delicious lunch

  • A beautifully-designed printed workbook for each module

  • 4 seasonal gift boxes filled with carefully-chosen products and resources

  • A private Facebook group to encourage connection with fellow students

  • An additional online space for weekly Q&A's and monthly topical chats

  • Email support from Eleanor and Maddy throughout the course

AND free membership to the brand new Folk + Field community
(formerly part of Creative Countryside) worth up to £150!

What are the benefits of taking the course?

Right now you might feel:

  • Stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted by your to-do list

  • Frustrated or panicked by a lack of balance

  • Guilty that you’re not filling your time as you ‘should’

  • Confused about how best to move forward

  • Lonely, as though you're the only one who feels this way

  • Disconnected from nature and the seasons

A Seasonal Year will help you feel:

  • Calmer and more in control, with a clear structure for your work

  • Able to tilt between shifting priorities rather than seeking perfect balance

  • Accepting of the fluctuations in your motivation and productivity

  • Prepared and confident, with an intuitive plan for making progress

  • Understood and welcomed as part of a likeminded community

  • Realigned with the nature and aware of the effects of the seasons

  • Inspired, nurtured, and reassured that there is another way to work

“I feel inspired to find an equilibrium to satisfy my head and my heart within the seasons as opposed to them being at odds with each other... something that requires re-tuning what we're all taught about how we should work… I can't wait to get started!”


Introducing our first guest experts...

Each module of A Seasonal Year includes an interview or resource from a specially-selected expert whose work relates to specific topics covered by the course. The first four of these brilliant creative entrepreneurs have been confirmed, and we're delighted to introduce them to you here!

Elizabeth Cairns: The Empowered Entrepreneur
Elizabeth is a coach, facilitator, holistic therapist, and author of The Empowered Entrepreneur. She'll be contributing to Module 1, helping us uncover a new and inspiring way of doing business and a meaningful approach to work.

Sophie Caldecott: Seasonal SEO
Sophie is a writer, journalist and SEO expert with almost 10 years' experience in working for magazines, both in print and online. She's passionate about helping small business owners grow their website search traffic in an organic and jargon-free way with her course, Intuitive SEO, and will be helping us think about this seasonally as part of module 3.

Margie Stewart: Seasonal Branding
Through her beautiful design studio, Everyday Artefacts, Margie is dedicated to helping creatives discover their seasonal brand personality and bring it to life with the perfect colours, textures, fonts and illustrations. During module 7, she'll be helping us to capture the visual essence of our businesses as part of our summer project.

Gabrielle Treanor: Worry-Free Work
As The Overthinkers' Coach, Gabrielle specialises in helping her clients let go of beliefs and behaviours that are holding them back. Inspired by the power of positive psychology, she understands the importance of worrying less and enjoying life more, and will be offering some practical tips on how to bring this attitude to our work as part of module 5.

"Enlightening and deeply impactful, providing much needed clarity & understanding, whilst also giving me so much to take away and actively work with as I move forward." 


Blog posts about A Seasonal Year

Psychologies Magazine

Emma Coxon, a freelance writer, is going to be taking the online version of A Seasonal Year and documenting her experience for Psychologies Magazine. Her introductory piece is now available to read on the blog, here - and if you've bought a copy of this month's print edition, you may also have spotted a little mention of the course on page 14!

Sophie Caldecott

Sophie, one of our guest experts, signed up as a fully-paid participant of A Seasonal Year after hearing about everything the course has to offer. (So not only will fellow students receive her wisdom as part of module 3, but anyone enrolling on Option 2 will get to spend the whole year working alongside this lovely lady!) Sophie has written a beautiful blog post all about what slow and seasonal living means to her, how this relates to her work, and why she's chosen to invest in herself and her business by joining us for A Seasonal Year.

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